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The frequency of the Heart

Opening your heart refers to eliminating thought barriers or prejudicial judgements or assumed negative feelings about others or what occurs in your reality.

The heart frequency is driving the entire body frequency, just like the mind the heart is also a strong frequency generator; but the heart is capable of raising the energy frequency of not only the mind but also the entire body. The control of the heart frequency will enable the management of the entire bodies frequency that others detect. Therefore, the frequency of the heart also determines how your intentions are communicated intuitively to others.

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The vibrations and frequencies that you emit tend to attract or repell whatever the thoughts contemplted related to.

Raising your heart frequency purposely by imagining an energy field to expand out to fill your aura and beyond, will not only protect against all forms of undesirable elements but also interact positively with all around you.

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Book excerpt

What is contemplated most becomes actual, therefore it is wise to govern your thoughts toward beneficially positive concepts, avoiding any negativeity like a plague it is.

Steven Redhead
Author of: The Power of The Heart E-Book