'Unleash The Power of The Heart & Mind'

Open Your Heart

By opening your heart you become more aware of the dynamics at play in almost any situation. You will be in a position to judge the various elements, facts and information that will enable you to make a judgement that suits you best. Learn the Techniques, how to open up your heart, allowing you to put your desires into action, thereby enabling you to achieve your life purpose.

Open Your Heart

When your heart is closed your world is also closed to many potentially rewarding experiences. Allowing your heart to become active to create, be involved in the conscious process of understanding and decisions will enable you to make better choices, find the best life course for you; but most importantly allow you to interact with others of a higher level of consciousness an being.

The heart is basically open to the wonder of reality, it is the souls portal to experience the physical, but when presented with negativity the heart can close to protect the soul. Closing the heart is like shutting oneself off from the world, missing the wonders of life and the chance of experiencing the true love that does exist within reality.

Rather than choosing to close off your heart, or whenever you sense your emotions are becoming cold hearted, you can choose to strongly deny the legitimacy or credence of those feelings. Opening your heart on such occasions however can prove much more effective, as this will give access to more ideas and information how to deal with whatever you are facing. The heart consciousness will be more intuitive, inspirational and effective at dealing with or resolving whatever you are up against.

The heart consciousness is quite capable of protecting itself using intuition rather than callous reactions. The balanced heart and brain in a state of unified consciousness can create conditions to deal effectively and swiftly with anything you may face. Always be positive so as to not give negative occurrences the light of day; allow the higher consciousness to also direct you thought enabling the combining of the brain conscious state to that of the spirit through the conduit of the heart intelligence.

Your heart power has through the heart consciousness the ability to create tremendous wonder within your life. Your world will change, becoming enlivened, more wonderful once you open up your heart. Your heart is the Key to accessing everything that exists. Enliven your heart to feel its energy flowing through you, with each beat creating infinite consciousness, the ultimate state in which to pursue your creative abilities and talents. Utilizing The Power of The Heart is the most significant choice you will make in life. Start to tune into the creative abilities of your heart for they are the essence of life; that will connect you to the most powerful creative frequencies available that will come to enable you to make your desires real.

Intuitive Wisdom of the Heart

Your heart is like a receiver picking up infinite information from the environment, from people and from your direct surroundings. Learning how to process, interpret or expand these data packets is of the most importance if you wish to gain a greater comprehension and insight into the wider implications available within the foresight you are ascertaining. 

It makes sense to listen to the intuitive messages emanating from the heart, for these contain the seeds for living a wonderful life if taken notice of then applied. At the very least it is wise to consider your heartfelt desires seriously, they contain the essence of who you truly are, as well as who you have potential to become.

There are always deeper levels within any intuition; just giving attention to the initial surface levels that come to your attention, while not paying notice to the wider aspects, can lead to missing a lot of the more potential details not coming available.

Achieve Your Heart's Desires

Achieving your heart's true desires is the key to living a life of true contentment and bliss. Start to bring your heart consciousness alive by focusing on unifying the Power of the Heart and Mind to enlivening your passions to create your own reality. 

Start changing your reality today by setting your desires in motion by connecting to the heart consciousness - mould your life to suit what you want to experience. Bring your heart power into play to create the things that you wish in your life through energising your desires with your heart energy. Find out how to turn the key to open your heart, setting your desires in motion by connecting to the heart conscious. The power of the heart is capable of overcoming almost every negativity without effort.

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