'Unleash The Power of The Heart & Mind'

Your Heart Energy

Allow the heart consciousness to be more alive, give the heart intuition the chance to become more involved in actively creating conscious elements that will make your life more marvelous, more wonderful.

Your Heart Energy

The heart is the center of creation, the root of all body energy that once enlivened in its true form can manage your reality to attract, create and experience whatever you desire. The heart is natures most untapped immense resource. Utilizing the power of the heart is the most significant choice you will make in life.

Choice is what drives your heart energy, whether you allow negatives to impact you, or how you enable positives to drive your reality in the direction you wish to go.

The heart power can be generated to enliven the entire being by shifting focus from the mind to the heart center. Just allowing the mind to control your reality is like running your life at half power, only by invoking the unified power of the heart and mind can you have full control over your reality.

Following the intuition of your heart consciousness linked with the intuitive ability of the gut, together with the logic and analysis of the brain in concert will never lead you far from your best route in life. How to choose to proceed in life is and should be your decision and sole right to decide what course to take; only you can instinctively determine what is the best for you, what actions can serve your inner most desires the best.

The road you must take in life can be determined by clear thought out choices based upon your desires, be they those that are intuitive gut reactions, life programming that may obscure the true benefits, or be left to fate. Trusting that fate will determine the best course is foolhardy; self determination always offers the best rewards over the long term.

Live in The Heart consciousness, not the mind's

The term living in the heart, or living from the heart also describes heart based concept of living. All the characteristic heart based emotions would also play a more dominant roll in your life; bliss, courage, compassion, desires, joy, expectancy, love of life and all life contains; the heart felt emotions that will give your life a greater meaning, making life more enjoyable, rewarding and rich. 

The Frequency Of The Heart

The heart frequency is driving the entire body frequency, just like the mind the heart is also a strong frequency generator; but the heart is capable of raising the energy frequency of not only the mind but also the entire body. The control of the heart frequency will enable the management of the entire bodies frequency that others detect. Therefore, the frequency of the heart also determines how your intentions are communicated intuitively to others.

The vibrations and frequencies that you emit tend to attract or repel whatever the thoughts contemplated is related to. Raising your heart frequency purposely by imagining an energy field to expand out to fill your aura and beyond, will not only protect against all forms of undesirable elements but also interact positively with all around you.

To be in harmony means to be in a state of perfect control over the total balance of your life, together with everything that may happen. Health of the heart, mind and body are the other key factors that bring you into harmony not only with others and the environment but also with yourself and everything that exists.

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